I Paint on Shoes…


I had the pleasure of attending the WAPI event one pretty Saturday in July. I wasn’t really expecting very much. But the minute I walked in to the venue, I was surrounded by pomp and activity! On one side, rappers doing their performances while the dj was on the decks, on the other, were charcoal paintings as I had never seen! I was so amazed at the talent we have in this country, and what the youngsters are doing! It cannot be slept on!!!
The crowd was so friendly, and I have never met nicer security! I was quite shocked at that. Usually, security and young people do not go together. It was a pleasant experience, I must say! As I cruised through the crowd onto the exhibition area, I came across this amazing artist by the name of Moses. His business, by the name of Lithium, specialises in customizing t-shirts, bags, and other apparel for guys. He was my favourite of everyone else. Check out some of his stuff. If ur interested in his work and want something for yourself, shoot me an email lilsony@gmail.com I will send u his contact details.

In conclusion, let us support local talent. If you see something you like done by a local artist, purchase it, and spread the word!!


One response

  1. Kennedykyalo

    Thats quite some gud talent. I also do the same ma only problem is merket bt m doin somethng

    July 22, 2011 at 8:54 am

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