I Paint on Shoes…

Sciculturist’s sneakers

As usual, I’m not going to go on about how long it’s been. Getting right to it!
@sciculturist’s shoes are very close to my heart. Sciculturist is what I refer to her as, cos I met her via twitter. She saw my work on this blog, and wanted something done for her too. Talk about an honour. I found it hilarious, but also quite humbling that in her quest to find plain sneakers, she ended up buying them at a duty free shop at the airport before coming to Kenya. So she brings me these beautiful Stan Smith Adidas sneakers to work on. To be honest when I first saw them I thought, what in the world can I do with them? They were gorgeous as they were!!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, what you see was a labour of love from the owner and the artist. Sciculturist had a concept of what she wanted, and how she wanted, and I was very happy that I successfully brought that concept to life, and that she was satisfied with it.

I do admit that as I was working on these sneaks, there are a number of mistakes I made, but they still turned out well, and they not only allowed me to express my creativity, but I learnt a whole lot during the time I had with the sneakers. I grew quite fond of them. But they have a good home with their owner.  So enjoy the pics!


One response

  1. labour of love indeed! it was an absolute pleasure to work with you because you totally got me. you did a wonderful job of bringing to life the concept & the colours i had in mind. it demonstrates that you really listen. and not just with your ears.
    thanks, i love my new kicks!
    … now those t-shirts you mentioned…

    September 4, 2009 at 8:50 pm

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