I Paint on Shoes…

Expensive trial and errors…

I dunno about u guys in the western and northern hemispheres, but down here, $4 dollars is a lot of money…the exchange rate as of now to the dollar is about Kshs. 65 (that’s shillings to the non-kenyans out there)… anywho…

I’m ranting coz I realise how expensive custom sneaker artistry is, but it’s cool. I still love doing it. Absolutely love doing it.

So a few days back I bought 2 very expensive acrylic paints to go with the already expensive yellow paint I bought a few weeks ago. The Winsor & Newton brand is really something. Only BLOODY EXPENSIVE… ok… I know I sound like a church mouse… I’ll stop there.

I mix my paints with this stuff called textile fixer, seeing as:

a) Angelus paint wud js be a hassle to get right now. Who the hell has time to wait for months before it gets here?

b) This friggin’ country has never heard of fabric medium… actually, I didn’t either until a few months back. So thank God for textile fixer.

So I painted the one shoe last night and realised a whole lot of stuff:

1 that the experts r right!! Refrain from slapping on thick strokes of paint, cos it’ll js look bumpy and unprofessional.

2: The textile fixer crystalizes when it dries, so I have to use it very sparingly. Cos now the part of the shoe I painted black looks like apple toffee… actually, the whole shoe looks like apple toffee, but I’m not complaining.

3. I have got to be incredibly careful with edges. I am not patient enough, and I have to learn this, cos the paint just goes wherever it wants if u don’t have a steady hand (which has already happened several times already).

All in all, a wonderful learning experience. Note to self: get one of them study lights…

I’ll post pics when they look more presentable. They need a touch up here and there, that’s fer damn sure’!


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