I Paint on Shoes…

How it begins…

Well, I love sneakers, I love painting, I love design, I love music and I love bright colours 2. I figured I’d put them all together and start customizing sneakers… see how far that would go.

It started when one of my acquaintances on my myspace page kept updating her page like every single day with pics. I figured she had too much time on her hands… then out of curiosity I thought I’d check em out.

So on some of the pics she was wearing these amazing looking sneakers. I just loved how outrageous they looked, in a very cool kinda way. So I asked her bout em, and I found out they were Nike Dunks. In another pic she was wearing Blazers. Now these are new terms to me, cos here in Kenya they r available, but no one’s crazy about their names or anything… that’s unless I’m living on the wrong side of the city… or I’m the wrong age… I should find out bout these things so I don’t embarrass myself.

So the concept of customizing sneakers slowly started becoming very attractive to me. It’s something thats never been done here, and I love that fact. I’ve been hooked on the idea since about late January. I’ve seen how big it’s become in America and Europe, and some of the designs I’ve seen are absolutely fantastic!! I see I have my work cut out for me, but I’ll take it in stride.

I figured I’d call my business Sole Addiction. I like the sound of it…

So basically this is my blog, where I write about my trials and tribulations in this game, and include a couple of pics here and there of stuff I see and love… be it designs, actual sneakers, blah blah… maybe I’ll throw in some nonsense info here and there.

That’s all I’m sayin for now. Ciao!


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