I Paint on Shoes…


Custom Canvas Kicks, 2012-2013

These are all shoes I did last year and I’m only posting them today… 🙂

I may not be very active with it but I still am proud of the work I have done. Maybe I’ll get back to doing it again soon. Who knows. 🙂

































New June 2012 Customs


Hey to all,

Wanted to add a couple of pics of new customs and to say thanks to those who are following my blog. It gives me the motivation to keep doing and posting more stuff. Much appreciated. 





Sole Addiction Custom Canvas Kicks

I put the pictures on top for those who don’t wanna read. Lol. These are some shoes I’ve been working on for a few days now. Over the past 2 years I have had issues with the quality of shoes in Nairobi (Kenya.) 99% of the sneakers are fake, and the genuine ones are usually second hand, and I don’t like doing work on 2nd hand shoes, so I decided to find a cheaper alternative that I can work on, on a consistent basis, and put out as consistently, and voila. I am VERY PROUD of these and I will be putting out many more as the year progresses. I appreciate everyone who checks out my blog, even when I would neglect it for months. Not anymore. Thanx again everyone.

Sole Addict!

Sloppy But Doable: Custom Painting on Laptop

So while I was taking pics of the custom shoes I did earlier, I figured I’d also take pics of my laptop. When I bought it I knew I’d do something crazy to it. So one weekend out of sheer boredom I decided “Eff It! I’ll js start painting on it and if it was a bad mistake, oh well, lesson learned!” Turned out it wasn’t too bad. I learnt a whole darn lot from experimenting with this exercise, like the fact that it makes a whole lot more sense to use spray paint to paint onto the surface, and if the laptop surface is smooth, it would work out a lot better if it was sanded down (yeah, sand paper, so the smooth surface is removed and the paint covers the layer under it.) So this reeeeaaallly isn’t much, but it has inspired me to do more work that isn’t just wearable. – Sole AddictImagetImageImage

Sole Addiction Custom T-shirts

May I also turn your attention to some t-shirts I have been working on. These have been a hit with most who have seen them, I thought it would make plenty of sense to post them here. I am selling them at Kshs. 1,000 per tee. Email me at lilsony@gmail.com, or simply comment on this post, let me know what size you are and which design you want, and I will get it done and work the payment details out.

Tribal Tattoo Inspired Painted Canvas Shoes

I have had a love for tribal tattoos for a while now. I think it is their simple design, yet incredibly eye catching. I have always had a love for more abstract, doodle type designs. I decided to do a similar design on a pair of canvas shoes. I enjoyed doing these immensely. I will be doing more, with different colours and images. I will be selling each pair from Kshs. 1,800 to Kshs. 2,000. If you see any you like, send me an email at lilsony@gmail.com or simply comment on this post. Any kind of feedback is appreciated 🙂

Custom Ballerinas

Hey all,
I posted these on my Sole Addiction Customs page on Facebook about a week ago. The reception was pretty good and I absolutely appreciated it. I will be putting out a series of these in different colours of course, and I will be selling them at Kshs. 2,500 per pair. If you have any queries, please email me at lilsony@gmail.com

Anyway, check them out and don’t forget to send me a comment and let me know what you all think! Enjoy 🙂

Custom AF1s and Canvas Flats

For everyone who checks out my blog, thank you very much for taking the time.

I am changing my view on colour and its arrangement. I don’t wanna be afraid to mix n match, and not necessarily because they go with each other. Sciculturist was the first one who introduced me to the wonder of colour combination when I did her pair. I did not heed her wisdom at the time, but I do now. So expect more crazy combos, but properly done. So the Air Force 1s were me doing a lil experimentation. Your comments are always welcome! 🙂

I also did a pair for my bestest friend in the world, the canvas shoes. I wanna put alot more focus on doodle art. I was very very inspired by the art of Bobsmade and I want to take up their model of customisation.

Thanks again for tuning in. The next couple of pairs will be more heels and canvas shoes.

Sole Addict.

Custom Eckos

Good day to all!
Was supposed to put these out last week but due to technical issues my hands were tied. It took a long time to do these, with an excuse of course. I was in a rut of sorts, and had no clue what to do with certain parts. But they turned out well I think. 🙂
I want to do louder work. Not in a distasteful way, but I guess that’s where my head is at right now. I love colour and I will be doing more fluorescent/luminous stuff. I will be putting out another 3 pairs within the next couple of weeks. No half stepping this yr!

Enjoy 🙂

Custom High Heels.

I want to do other kinds of shoes. I enjoyed working on these heels, they were a plain black pair. I will be doing more and posting em. Ballerinas, chucks and canvas shoes included!